Heatspec Services - Your underfloor heating specialist.

Heatspec Services, New Zealand's preferred independent under floor heating fault finder and repair specialists.

If you want warmth underfoot Heatspec Services are the professionals you need to be in contact with.

At Heatspec Services, we offer two spheres of under floor heating, we find and fix or install new.

We specialise in finding problems or faults in under floor heat systems and then repair it .With a 99% success rate in fault finding.

We can install a new under floor heating system as an independent. Installation specialist

Why should you contact Heatspec Services. Alan Jackson is a man who brings over 3 decades of electrical experience, and 15 years specialising in underfloor heating fault finding and repairs.

Heatspec Services is the preferred under floor fault finding and repair specialists around New Zealand

Having a warrant of fitness check on your underfloor heating system could answer those niggling questions of why the power bill is like the national debt?

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